Discovered: GAIA

These days, more than ever, the pace of fashion can be almost exhausting. A single style, brand or trend can feel tired after a month thanks to an onslaught of photos in our feed. Because of this it is even more refreshing to discover a brand that feels completely fresh, positive, and slightly undiscovered.

I felt this flash of excitement when I recently discovered GAIA from Molly and Sally. I was immediately attracted to the brand’s story of empowering resettled refugee women in the Dallas area. An added bonus is the entire brand team looks to be made of passionate and smart women. Icing on the cake? The brand’s products feel unique and handmade without looking crafty.


This is the perfect day clutch with just enough color and print.

It took us nearly 4 months to finally find throw pillows for our living room. These are definitely a splurge, but they are beautiful and support a great cause.

The super oversized shape of this bag feels fun and dramatic.

For someone whose tote bag becomes a bottomless pit of receipts and chapstick, pouches can be a game changer. Also, this is the best color combo.

Trend To Try: Metallic Midi Skirt

Two year’s ago I was given a metallic midi skirt. It was one of those pieces that I instantly loved and also had zero idea of how I would wear. Fast forward two years and it’s still sitting in my closet and I’m pretty sure this is the season it will make it’s debut.


Recently I’ve seen plenty of street style inspiration featuring pleated metallic skirts. I love a leather jacket paired with almost any ultra feminine look, but could also see myself in the contrasting fuzzy crop top or sweater combo.While the street style crew likes to pair the look with sneakers (not featured here), like most anything else, I think the look is completed best with a sky high heel.

  1. This is the perfect shade of pink if you’re not ready to go the metallic route.
  2. My absolute favorite look of the bunch. This could be a perfect holiday party look.
  3. This look makes the crop top feel new again, especially with the exaggerated maxi hem.
  4. The most ladylike version of the look is ready for the office holiday party, just add a statement earring.

A few options to try the look out…

If you’re ready to fully commit this skirt is incredible.

Love the slightly longer length of this one– I find it much more flattering.

A gorgeous cut and pretty color.

To test the trend, this is an easy and pretty entry point.


The Season of White Jeans

Maybe it’s because we’re now living on the west coast, but this spring/summer is shaping up to be the season of white jeans. As much as I love denim, this is a look I’ve always passed up for several reasons. Firstly, how in the world do you not spill coffee, brush against your dirty car/subway, or generally get the look of life on white pants? Secondly, I’ve always felt they made my legs look wide, and finally the look came off a little too preppy for my taste. However, this year I’ve started to see a version of the trend that has me willing to jump in, as seen below (via WhoWhatWear).


It’s a little bit more relaxed, a little more worn, and lot cooler than the white jean ensembles I’ve seen in the past. A little fleck of dirt won’t be so glaringly obvious against torn up jeans, plus the shape is roomier and more forgiving. Here are a few of my notes for styling white denim this spring and summer:

  • Relaxed skinny: I am not one for painted on denim and definitely not in white. Give yourself a little breathing room and you’ll avoid the show-through and cling factor.
  • Crop or Flare: Or both! I love the new crop flare, but that’s a whole different story. White jeans also feel fresh in a full flare or ankle crop. Straight white denim can feel a bit stuffy.
  • Shredded: A little distressing once again relaxes the prep factor of straight white denim.

A few new pairs of white jeans to test drive the look…

On a side note I gave a pair of cropped white jeans a test run yesterday. The look worked until I leaned against my car…luckily on the way home!

Fantasy Shopping: Shoes

Am I the only one who ever goes fantasy shopping, some casual online or window browsing with the mindset of “if money were no object?” I was casually browsing Luella & June, which happened to click me over to Moda Operandi’s sales (ruh oh) where I came to a screeching halt over these Dolce & Gabbana sequined beauties. They have a 4 inch heel, Swarovski flowers, and the cutest Mary Jane strap. Also, there just happens to only be one pair left…in my size. Please someone do us a favor and go snatch these up. Unless one of these lucky Powerball tickets works out tonight, then please step away from my shoes.



2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

This year’s red carpet was a great way to kick off the award show season. Some years this carpet can feel a little safe, but since it is less formal it’s worth crossing fingers that someone will try a more daring look. After figuring out why the awards were shown twice (live and taped) while the red carpet was at 4 (NBC) and 6 (E!), I finally grabbed a beverage and took in some of the fashion. Since we’ve all seen the photos multiple times, I’ve broken down some comparison highlights and noteworthy favorites.

Midnight Blue Ballgown

viola davis   jenna dewan

Both Viola Davis and Jenna Dewan looked stunning in their midnight blue ballgowns with plunging necklines. I wish that Viola’s didn’t have the flutter sleeve detail. A flutter sleeve rarely wins, and just the illusion netting over the cleavage would have been enough coverage (plus she has incredible arms). The plunging neckline on Jenna’s dress plus the pockets and full skirt is young and playful – one of my favorites for the night!

Black Sloped Shoulder

gaga   helen miren

Who would think Lady Gaga and Helen Mirren would be in the same category? While these dresses are quite different from the (very cinched) waist down, the slopped shoulders with exaggerated sweetheart necklines on both are incredibly flattering. Helen Mirren seems to have stopped aging about 20 years ago, and this look feels just as timeless and classic.


jane fonda   malin akerman

I think we’ve all heard enough about Jane Fonda’s dress. Yes it’s incredibly weird and looks slightly like a bed skirt, but if you subtract the giant ruffled distraction she still looks gorgeous. Note to self, ruffles look much better on the waist than the neck. How cute does Malin Akerman look? Just enough volume with a slight train and sculpted top, love it!

Black V-Neck

kirsten dunst   sophia bush

A basic black column gown is pretty much as safe as you can go for a big awards show. Sophia Bush looks pretty; nothing offensive but nothing memorable. Kirsten Dunst on the other hand is one of my favorites of the night. Yes it’s a lot of cleavage, but it still looks tasteful and malfunction proof thanks to the straps. The shape is beautiful and I love the slight train. This is the way to do basic black on the red carpet.

Golden Statue

brie larson   portia doubleday

I love (love love) a good sequin gown so this is a really tough debate for me. Brie Larson looks cool, sexy, and confident in her gown, although the top is a tad droopy in the middle. I adore this dramatic v-neck ballgown (a big trend for the night) on Portia Doubleday. It’s a lot of dress and a lot of shine, but it works so well.

More noteworthy favorites:

Alicia Vikander pulled off this incredibly tricky “apron-esque” gown beautifully. It helps that she is very petite so all of the ruffles and seams lay flat. I also love the balance of the deep side cutaway.

alicia vikander

Jennifer Lawrence referenced o one of her best looks ever (the 2011 Oscar dress) with this beautiful red gown. I often think her Dior choices are too mature, but this dress is fun, sophisticated, and looks incredible. Another top favorite for me.

jennifer lawrence

Multi-colored sparkles are very challenging, but Kate Bosworth pulled it off perfectly. The silhouette is a very simple letting the sparkle and slight pattern stand out.

kate bosworth

More great sparkles! Olivia Wilde went for a slightly sexier take on last year’s sequin gown (and minus the baby bump) and yet looks completely effortless.

olivia wilde

Taylor Schilling is one of the few stars who worn an alternative to a classic gown. I wish there was a deep drop necklace and more interesting shoes to make the look more red carpet appropriate, but it still feels so cool.

taylor schilling

Another one of my very favorites of the night: Zendaya in tiered Marchesa. The voluminous tiers are interesting without overwhelming her, and the top is perfectly tailored. I would love to wear this dress.