Roomy Inspiration

Sometimes great style ideas don’t come from the regular contenders. For instance, no matter how many time I heard “pattern mixing” was a go-to trend I was still leery of mixing my stripes and florals. Then today I was scanning design ideas at House Beautiful, and found my answer in a gorgeous bedroom!

The shared color family and relatively similar pattern sizes work without looking like a hodgepodge. Thakoon ran with this idea in a single draped shift, but I think it can also work for a full outfit when following these guidelines.

I took some more fashion notes while day dreaming about napping in one of these amazing rooms.
InStyle posted this photo of Emma Roberts creating a chic look with multiple jewel toned pieces. The colors complement each other with their shared bold hue and glossy sheen. This room hosts the same idea but with a paler in the palette.

Finally, I’m not sure how you could sleep in this room, but for aesthetic purposes it is beautiful! The bold, playful palette flows seamlessly with crisp lines and a white base. For a fashionable ensemble I would match the aqua and pink with a neutral base and sturdy shoes.

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