When I have the time and patience I love to whip up some delicious eats in my galley kitchen. Today, while my stomach grumbled at 10:30am, I did a little Food Network search and found this Paula Deen recipe for Lime Shrimp Lettuce Wraps. The recipe is clean, simple, and has delicious bold flavors. Of course, I couldn’t leave it be so I made a few tweaks and it was yummmmm.
First I deveined, shelled, and ripped the legs off of my shrimp- highly satisfactory after a long day! Of course you can also use shelled shrimp if you had a nice perky day! I tossed the shrimp with the juice of half an orange, instead of lime, soy sauce, a half teaspoon of peanut butter and a flick of crushed garlic. I left this to marinate.
After half an hour I threw this in a pan with half of a pepper (pick your favorite color) and half of an onion.

While this was sending delicious smelling sizzles into the air I scrubbed and dried some large crisp Boston lettuce leaves. Most recipes call for iceberg, but I find it breaks down too easily sending drippings into your fingers that would be much better in your mouth!
Finally I poured the pan mixture onto the lettuce, sprinkled a few almond slivers, parsley, and sat down to devour some guiltless comfort food. Enjoy!

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