DIY: Pin it Together

Anytime my mom was cleaning my room when I was younger, she would always ask why there were scraps of fabric, thread, buttons, etc. I have forever been changing my old clothes to fit a new idea through a DIY project. Most recently I was inspired by the resurgence of safety pins and cutouts. Some sort of combination between this and this. Strategically placed cut outs can provide a little skin with out the slightest ‘trash’ factor, and pinning together the cutouts with beading or tucks allows total control.
I used this trend with my long time favorites of mixing formal and non-formal pieces for a transitional look. I combined my DIY project with a BCBG Generation skirt for a perfect dinner look that is equal parts chic and comfort.

I used an unbelievably soft heather grey sweatshirt from Forever 21. I cut a straight slash above the decolletage, then used a broken necklace to provide embellishment and closure.

I was devastated when my jewelery bowl tipped breaking several necklaces, but considering how well this turned out I think they have found a second life!

I sewed them on to form a loop pattern eliminating the need for any necklaces, then paired with a BCBG Generation bandage skirt and INCREDIBLY comfortable Steve Madden cage heels.

I think it worked perfectly! I also paired the top with cuffed skinny jeans and these. As my boyfriend’s roommate put it, “You don’t normally see a shirt with that much fluff.” I’m going to translate that boy comment to “what a fantastically unique shirt!”

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