Late Bikini Bloomer

If you’re anything like me, summer managed to creep up on you. I slid through the first half of the season in last year’s bikini and some new sunglasses. However, last weekend I was about one wave away from my bikini sliding onto the adjacent shore thanks to stretched out elastic and wayward ties. So now I’m looking for a swimsuit for the second half of summer, and luckily us late bloomers have the benefit of mid season sales! This summer I love retro ruffles, bright colors and graphic prints. Victoria’s Secret is my favorite site for swim wear. The prices are hard to beat and the options are endless. I always head toward basic tie tops and bottoms for their versatility in fit, however the accouterments to this style are limitless! (P.S It is so hard to find pictures with out the ‘swimsuit model’ but these styles will look just as fabulous on a real body, without the photoshop!)

All styles from Victoria’s

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