Style Snapshot: Valerie “Red Vines for Breakfast”

I absolutely love doing these ‘style snapshots’, so thank you so much to everyone who has participated! If you are interested send me an email to the address on the right.
This week I had the pleasure of snooping into Valerie’s style from the addictive blog Red Vines for Breakfast. Valerie has a well cultivated style featuring feminine, classic styles, selected trend interpretation, and all with a SoCal flair. I can completely relate to her creative and rebellious to a stifling school uniform!
Dive into Valerie’s interview below!

Hello, I’m Valerie from Red Vines for Breakfast. Thank you to Lisa for selecting me for her Style Snapshot Series! I’m honored to be here and share my style thoughts with all of you.

-Describe your style is 5 words or less
Classic and feminine

-A celeb style icon
I have so many, but a few of my favorites are Natalie Portman, Audrey Hepburn, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rachel Bilson.

-Any major event that drastically affected your fashion sense
Being forced to wear school uniforms for 12 years forced me to be creative in order to stand out from the crowd (shoes, accessories, nail polish, hairstyles, scarves, etc).

-Favorite fantasy designer:
While I can appreciate all amazing designers, I focus more on styles and fit when it comes to shopping for myself. I always love finding a bargain on designer items, but I’m also happy to have many inexpensive outfits from places like H&M and Forever 21 in my closet. A few of my favorite fantasy designers are Philip Lim, Chanel, and Michael Kors.

-Go-to reality designer:
For cocktail dresses, my go-to labels are Alice + Olivia, Laundry, and BCBG. For daily outfits I look mostly to Anthropologie, Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and J Crew.

-Every day can not live without item
I never leave the house without my gold Michael Michael Kors watch, sunglasses, flip flops in case my feet start to hurt from heels, my wedding rings, and lip gloss.

-Any fashion piece you will never get rid of for sentimental value
I would never get rid of any jewelry ever given to me, but my most sentimental items are my noni’s (my paternal grandmother) wedding rings, given to me by my parents on my wedding day (my something old). I only wear them for very special occasions, but they means so much to me, it almost bring me to tears when I put them on.

-Favorite item to shop for
I love any type of dress shopping (cocktail, sundress, formal, etc) and shoe shopping!

-Least thing favorite to shop for
My least favorite items to shop for are work clothes. It’s silly because I spend more time in these outfits than in any others, but I find it the most difficult to find cute work outfits that are work appropriate and reasonably priced.

-Are you happy with your fashion style, anything you would change if you tried?
Lately I’ve tried to be more bold with my outfit choices. I like to be comfortable and can get stuck in a tank top and boyfriend jeans rut at times, so I’m trying to branch out and explore new styles. I’m also trying to remix old items in my closet to create new, inventive outfits.

**Wildcard: Designer gift, what two items would you choose from any collection
I’d love a pair of platform nude Christian Louboutin pumps and a classic black quilted Chanel bag with a chain strap.

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  1. Great style feature! I just love Red Vines for Breakfast! Valerie is a style inspiration for me, and I love that her looks don’t break the bank. She is a very savy Forever 21 shopper.


  2. I love Valerie and that is such a great post:)
    Kisses,sweetie and have a wonderful day:)

    ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) …I bet you will love it!!!

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