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Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful comments on yesterday’s Style Snapshot!
While yesterday’s interview touched on the complications of work clothes, this NYC heat wave has ushered in a ‘work hair’ issue. Professional hair to many means pulling it up. On the same lines as work clothes, I feel it is crucial to feel as authentic as you do professional, and obviously fabulous, everyday. I have had long, thick hair since college, and worked my own professional ‘do through the cool months with a messy Lauren Conrad-esque braid.

The look received multiple rave reviews, even though it is insanely easy. Now that the mercury is edging around 100, any hair touching my neck will cause a fit. This Jessica Alba look is amazing, but a little complicated.

I am going to try to work my braid into a loose “professional” chignon, what’s your work hair style?

15 thoughts on “Work Wear Hair

  1. Your hair looks awesome in the braids and that Jessica Alba style is to die for! But I agree, it looks too complex for me. I do a lot of sleed pony tails with deep side parts for work. Or I always like doing buns if it’s really hot. That’s about where my skill level ends for work up do’s.


  2. I have seen braids on a couple of blogs now. I think I should give it a try. I did it a lot when I was younger. Like you, I also have long thick hair. hmm..might be time to try something new.

  3. I’ve tried, I really, really have, but I can’t for the life of me make a braid look good in my hair! Oh how I wish I could tho. Braids are my favorite accessory!!

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