Flat Out “Sole” Mates

From day one I have always been a high heeled girl; the higher the better be it stacked, wedge, platform, or stiletto. Digging through my grandmother’s closet one Christmas I came across a pair of my mom’s old disco shoes. I have NO idea how she hovered under the mirror ball in 5 inch mocha mules, but I was smitten. I only hope that if I one day come back as a disco queen I inherit this gene. This encounter was the beginning of a life long pattern, as it was quickly followed with bubblegum cork platform slides and countless others.
Sometime during my blissful journey hovering several inches above the sidewalk, flats came into vogue. I was steadfast in ignoring this trend. My sister jumped on board and my mom encouraged. I finally become slightly inquisitive after watching a colleague go through bunon surgery (a horrendous procedure that I aim to avoid at all costs!) However, I am extrememly picky about any flat footwear. I hate the ballet flats that you instantly wear through. No over the top toe clevage, nothing pointy, and I have a wide foot; so nothing that slips off.
Browsing through Bloomingdales a few weeks ago with the boy I decided to take a “brief” walk through of the shoe clearance racks. There I found my “flat out sole mate.” I loved the nude color (less dowdy then black.) The elasticized sides hugged my foot, and they were COMFORTABLE (I’m assuming the original appeal of flats, but seldom found). I quickly tried them on and headed to the counter, made all the sweeter by 35% off. As my lovely associate was checking the sizes she realized one was half a size bigger. No biggie, she would head to the stockroom to find my mates’ mate. Unfortunately….it was missing. She brought out the manager, still no mate.
I was crushed and left empty handed, but I could not get the shoes out of my mind. I checked endless.com, Bloomies, Nordstroms, and every other site I could find. The sites that had my flats in stock didn’t have them on sale, and I refused to pay more for flats than heels. Thankfully, the old adage, “if you love it let it go,” rang true.
Last week, my flats found me in my inbox. Bloomingdales, 40% off, and both left and right of my nude patent flats, in stock. I found them at work, ordered them that afternoon, and my FedEx man received a far more enthusiastic than normal welcome when he dropped the box on my office desk.
These are definitely going to be added to the shoe rotation. Hopefully, my feet will appreciate my determination, and render my feet ailment free for many years to come,
{Boutique 9 Anne Flats}

13 thoughts on “Flat Out “Sole” Mates

  1. oh wow, i’ve been looking for nude flats just like these! it sounds like u guys are meant to be;) i truly enjoy reading ur posts, lisa! you have a wonderful gift for writing. i’m looking forward to more posts!


  2. What a great story. It was meant to be with you and those flats! I initially resisted the flat trend as well, but an old roommate had the same surgery as your friend and I saw how painful that was! But I also find that most of the flats I try on are more uncomfortable than the heels. But once in a while I find a comfy pair and I remember why I love flats. Yours are adorable and bonus that they were on sale.


  3. Those might just be the perfect flats! And this comes from a girl who already loves flats of all kinds. You are right comfort is their appeal but it is really hard to find comfortable flats. I’ll definitely be looking for these.

  4. Oh I love stories like this…when your shoe finds you after you’ve been searching for it for endlessly! Congrats! They are so cute and shiny and the perfect color. Rock ’em sister.


  5. Oh, I completely echo your sweet love towards heels and hesitation towards flats. Recently, I caved in and I hate to admit they do make running errands a little less painful and a lot more efficient!

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