Simple and Focused Stands Out: Part Deux

Last night’s post has been bugging me all day- after naming my blog “In Dramatic Fashion,” can I really be a proponent of simple and focused? I don’t want to go back to delete and/or edit, so I’m going to blame it on 6 hours of flight delays…and the fact that I’m a sucker for a wedding. So, I bring you part deux.
I still agree with ‘focused’ but simple and subtle has never been my taste. I love a well planned punch factor be it with pattern, texture, color, or cut.

This Paris Hilton leather ensemble takes the bad ass fabric across the line. A leather pencil skirt and vest combo like this, packs punch without the ‘ick’ factor.

This J Lo sheer look is as iconic as Versace itself, and the effectiveness is debatable. However, it’s definitely not appropriate for my own night on the town! A sheer blouse plays peek a boo without laying it all on the line.

Finally, I fell in love with the patterned pants in Miu Miu’s collection, but this much pattern is tough for even the most daring! I vote yes for Whitney’s pairing of bold pattern and not-so-gym-worthy heather grey.

Now that that clarifying is out my system I’m looking for a full 7 hours, and a clear mind for tomorrow!

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