Simple and Focused Stands Out

This weekend I attended my first “friend’s” wedding. The ceremony took place at a gorgeous mill in Virgina and was a lesson in simple focused design. The wedding was neutral colored except for gorgeous bouquets of autumn toned flowers. The couple stood underneath a bold wreath of oranges, yellows, and mellowed red. Even the reception was highlighted by fall colored center pieces.
However, my favorite use of subtle, focused detail was on the dresses of the bridesmaids. All four were drapped in champagned colored satin, but each had a different neckline that was personally flattering. This was a kind gesture from the bride to allow each party member the comfort of a flattering gown. Even amidst the teary eyes, story telling, and memory triggers of the speeches, this wedding highlighted an often forgotten fashion tip. The potential and power of a design is maximized when you highlight either the intricate cut or unique pattern. Examples are below, do you agree?

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12 thoughts on “Simple and Focused Stands Out

  1. Sounds like a lovely and stylish wedding! I love when a bride allows her maids to look and feel good instead of doing the clone thing. The more comfortable everyone is the more beautiful they look and the more fun they have!

  2. oh sounds like a great time. I agree with you and love the fact that with each neckline being different, each bridesmaid can display their individuality and their own looks. Sometimes one detail like that makes a huge impact.

  3. Yep, totally agree.
    A feature makes all the difference, whether it’s colour, texture or shape.

    P.s Ricochet don’t have stockists in the US, but check out their web page, they ship internationally 🙂

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