A Coral Showing

cora 002

Painting by my sister

Somewhere between salmon and apricot falls the universally flattering shade of coral. Cooler than orange, it is gentler, and warmer to any complexion. It brightens the mood with the benefits of hot pink, but with a more sophisticated reputation.
I honestly don’t think anyone knows with certainty where the this pink/orange hybrid fits into the fashion color spectrum. But it has always been one of my, at times unknown, favorite colors.

On the runway at Mango

I tried three times to paint my previous room a girly, Mediterranean, eclectic shade. The counter personnel at Home Depot were ready to throw a gallon of paint on me as my mom and I shuffled between swatches of rose and burnt pumpkin.
I ended up with a warm, but overly brown, rose terracotta. I let the frustration settle until I was smacked in the face with this month’s magazines all boasting coral as the hottest shade of the season. Thank the color wonders that it is far easier to pin point the correct color on a rack than a color swatch.


Juicy Couture ring
Lanvin ring
Herve Leger dress
Vivienne Westwood top
Nation LTD top
DV by Dolce Vita wedge

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