In House Makeover

When you are young and making a nest of your own, we are all faced with the same dilemma. I never like to spend money on something I don’t truly like (or hopefully love!) including furniture. However, when you are faced with a large empty space, and nothing but a bed, you simply have to make do.

In my last apartment I had an empty space that needed to hold the TV, books, and miscellaneous other necessities. With the cash available I did what any newbie city homemaker would do: head to Ikea. I found a great shelf that was highly functional, could be added to in the future, and fit the bill perfectly. I was aiming to pick up a deep brown color, however the Ikea selection shelf won this battle. It wasn’t until I drove back to the city and hauled the two boxes up four flights of stairs that I realized it was in fact “Natural Pine”, or classic Ikea Khaki.

I made do for several months in my last apartment, however when I reached my current abode it simply wasn’t going to work. Between the bar, dark fireplace, and interesting architecture, Ikea Khaki stuck out like an ugly step child. In my attempt to meander between vacation and full work mode, I turned up my iPod and set about on an in house makeover.

I used this Martha Stewart paint straight from the jar. I first applied in long strokes with a sponge to cover the surface, then went over the whole area repeatedly with a “sponging” technique to get interesting smudges, bumps, and texture.

Once I reloaded the shelves, Ikea Khaki is simply a memory and this piece fits in perfectly with the rest of the room. The entire redo cost about $7.00 and 2 hours-success!

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