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Last time I posted (eeks) I was happily frolicking between post-vacation and return to reality with a side of redecorating and maxi skirts. Then reality kicked in and I was smacked with an a$$-kicker of an illness, and down for the count. Most likely I picked it up on my planes, trains, and automobiles traveling. In any case, I eventually made it out of bed..on Tuesday. The rest of the week was a wake up, go to work, nap, eat, go to bed routine that consisted of comfy as pajamas cut-offs, a cold sweat repelling tank and easy slip on sandals.

Luckily this week I awoke actually feeling alive and well on my way to a full mend. This of course means I have energy to dress beyond last weeks uniform. I’m using this image from as the perfect energy boosting summer inspiration.

colorful friendsa

Lots of color, plenty of light weight accessories, semi sheer layers, and of course fabulous shoes -check, check, and check. (I’ll leave that insane jacket for a few months.)

On another note I’ve been reading up on lots of blogs and can’t wait to get back to a full schedule. Especially seeing as it’s Monday, I’m cracking up at The Bachelorette and can already hear Carrie ripping it apart!

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