Urban Tribe

Yesterday I hit the city head on upon my return from vacation, and tried my best to dress the part. Unfortunately, unlike the toddler next door, we can’t all get away with a wardrobe of only Pampers during a heatwave. However, this full, breezy maxi skirt is almost as cool!

skirt by passport, old tank, shoes by fossil, bracelets by forever21 and a barcelona market, sunglasses by steve madden

The bold tribal print, mixed with a smattering of sequins and bangles perfectly captured my mental complex of “I mean business” and “Let’s pretend it’s still vacation.”

I purchased this skirt about five years ago, and although I love it, it makes an appearance normally once a year. Even for a bold dresser, it packs a punch, requiring some practical planning, I almost back flipped down my front stairs when I stepped on the hem!

8 thoughts on “Urban Tribe

  1. Did you just say “wardrobe of pampers”?? BAHAHAHA!! That was awesome!

    I am loving that skirt–what a total score. How are you managing returning to reality? Pass the gelato with a side of vodka?


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