Stepping Out in Sneakers


I’ll admit, I received these Bensimon high tops as a present for my birthday….in May, and had yet to wear them! I hunted them down after seeing them in a very eclectic outfit spread in InStyle (styled for brunch). As soon as they arrived I wore them around the house, but couldn’t figure out how to actually mix them into an ensemble.

Gap tank, Union Bay cargos, Bensimon high tops, gift necklace

Yesterday, I finally buckled down. I had a million trips to run around the city, and what better to run around in than sneakers! I felt a little grungy, a little middle school, and very comfortable when I headed out the door. Plus, someone actually told me I was “adorable” in the middle of Bryant Park. Thank you sir, that made my day, and reassured me on my wavering shoe choice. Have a great weekend filled with daring wardrobe choices!

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