Artful Nail Trends

My hair dryer has been broken for a week, thus leaving me to air drying and some help from the curling iron. But that doesn’t mean I’ve completely let any attempt at appearing pulled together fall by the wayside. One of my easiest tricks for not appearing one pair of mismatched shoes away from losing it, is a quick mani- pedi. I’ve mentioned before, it is seriously a great perk to living in this city that this luxury can be found for less than lunch (the mani at least). I officially took my nails into autumn territory during this first week of the season with Pamplona Purple, a fun shade that mixes plum and magenta.

However, I’m becoming increasingly intrigued by the modest to outrageous nail art I’ve been seeing. During high school, inch long acrylic nails were a regular occurrence, and the glitter stripped, white tips are etched in my mind as the epitome of cheap (border line gross) beauty trends.

Thankfully, I’m now seeing everything from herringbone checks to the new magnetic nail polish on short (hygenic) real nails. I haven’t yet done anything more exciting than a glitter top coat, but am anxious to try a fun pattern. Have you sported any nail art?

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