Chic-spiration: Spade for Spade

I have been hearing rave reviews for the talented editors, quaint charm, and fantastical appeal of Matchbook Magazine for months –  it seems like everyone on the interweb is addicted! However, I will fully admit that I only scanned through a few issues up until this afternoon. (I’m an old school print magazine addict.) Today I clicked over and lost well over an hour clicking through the gorgeous layouts and getting completely absorbed in their digitally glossy feature on the Spades.

I love the story of Kate and Andy Spade, but until this article had not read an interview with them together. There seems to be an honest business respect as well as a college sweet heart love story that balances into a true power duo. They are completely humble and homey, but still with a spirited fire not to retire after launching and selling their namesake label (apparently a new project is in the works).

Today they are the weekly Chic-spiration for their combination of class, humility, business sense, and reality. They’ve created a signature aesthetic of prep and quirk that still resonates in the Liz Claiborne brand. OK and a pretty killer statement necklace and teased updo!

**A funny side note: During one of my jobs, I worked with the manufacturer produced for Kate Spade in her very early years. Story has it that the infamous black name label was actually sewn on the outside by mistake!

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