Holiday Swing

Hello! I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had an absolutely fantastic holiday weekend. I had a long five day weekend with my family full of eating, shopping, and lounging. The highlights were probably hanging out in my mom’s kitchen while she created more and more and more delicious snacks, let alone the killer feast on Thursday! Oh, and trying to get my entire family in a Christmas card photo via camera timer…enough said.

Once the piles of turkey and stuffing settle into my stomach, I often feel like a 30 day dash until Christmas begins. Between work, shopping, and travel plans it is very easy to forget to enjoy the whole season. In previous years I commuted uptown and regularly passed the Christmas lights and decorations. Now that I am commuting in a very different direction, I am creating a list of goals to enjoy the season.

1. Take one, or a few, trips uptown just to soak in the lights, store windows, and tree

2. Decorate the apartment! I’ve never done more than a single ornament, but this year I am getting a tree and decking it out!

3. Buy the tree (should come before #2)

4. Purchase Charlie’s Christmas handkerchief (hopefully less traumatizing than his Halloween costume)

5. Make holiday cookies and bourbon balls (nothing relaxes me quite like a sugar high)

6. Make an effort to incorporate extra bling, bells, and glitter in my wardrobe- nothing screams holidays like daily dazzle!

This is just the start but I’m feeling excited already!

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3 thoughts on “Holiday Swing

  1. What I hate about festive season is how department stores in Bangkok turns on excessive long hour of Santa music for way too long and every single way I walk is too glittery. But I’d love to see the real Santa Claus if he ever exists. That would make all the celebration more worthwhile.

    I’m a reject, I know.



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