Coloring the Chill

Yesterday as I was waiting at the bus stop on a very brisk street in Brooklyn I realized: it is cold. Shocker I know, since it is the first day of December, but every year the first cold snap of air sneaks up on you only to smack you in the face when you least expect it (and when you are less than prepared with your cute, but not entirely wind proof, coat.)

There are certain things that will always pop into my head when making decisions. For instance before bed I can hear my mom telling me not to go to bed with a sink full of dishes. When embarking on a road trip, I can hear my dad tell me to include sensible shoes, water, flashlight, and a warm coat in the trunk. You know, in case you break down in the mountains and have to hike to the nearest gas station. Finally, when making a large purchase, I can hear a number of people telling me to choose a neutral. My grandmother used to constantly reiterate that if you get a crazy pattern, you can only wear it around the same people one time. I never really agreed with this argument, yet I still have predominately black and grey coats.

I am not a huge fan of black and grey as dominant colors, in fact I like to avoid wearing them at least a few days a week. However, my black coat is fairly new, has a fun shape, and key point, incredibly warm. So my new tactic is to down play a dullish color by framing it in eye popping accessories accented with bold colors and plenty of glitz. Here’s to keeping away the winter doldrums…
(P.S I didn’t intend to do this, but it seems Juicy Couture dominates the sparkly winter accessories category!)

Juicy Couture Vanderbilt Bow Arm Warmers
Kate Spade Ruby Ring Cocktail Gloves
Ribbed Directional Headband
Juicy Couture Sequin Scarf

Ugg Australia Sequin Earmuff
Juicy Couture Cable & Gem Fur Handwarmers

Juicy Couture Parsons Sequin Arm Warmers

6 thoughts on “Coloring the Chill

  1. hey that lecture on having sensible shoes really came in handy last time i got stuck…. especially after having to deal with a tow truck driver while in a bikini.

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