Fashion Swing

Hello and Happy Monday! It is very rare that I pull myself together for a Monday post, but surprise, surprise here I am. I attended my second hot yoga class of the year last night, and although I am incredibly sore I feel surprisingly calm and relaxed for the start of the week. I’m not at all a “zen” following person, but I’m starting to believe there could be truth in the yoga rumors. Adding to the good vibes this morning was a fun and productive weekend filled with organizing, furniture rearranging, a walk on the High Line due to unseasonably warm weather, and one of my favorite outfits of the winter featuring polka dots, velvet, chambray, and big jewels.

For people working in the fashion industry however, stress levels are likely rising rapidly. This week begins the trade show circuit in New York, and we are just a few weeks away from New York Fashion Week. created a compilation of what they expect to see at the shows and on the award show red carpets. It’s a fun recap of the pre-fall shows, and a look forward at what to expect when the city steps it up in just a few short weeks.

Have a wonderful day and let’s start this week off with a bang!

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  1. I am loving the different looks here. And as a yoga and mediation lover who used to think this was all stupid until I tried — just give it a shot, worst comes to worst you only experience something that simply isn’t you. You never know….. xx

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