The First Snow

This weekend New York received the first snow fall of the season. It came considerably later than last year, but after last year’s massive snow storms and long recovery, I didn’t particularly mind the delay.

Roxy hat, Calvin Klein coat, CC Skyne bag, Hue Tweed Boucle Sweater Leggings

Saturday morning we woke up to cloudy skies and a solid dusting of untouched powder. Late in the afternoon, feeling less groggy from my cold, we wandered to the west side which was a virtual white ghost town.  The river was choppy, and there were a few very brave joggers, but otherwise the paths were smooth, slushy, and empty.

It is hard to feel particularly stylish when completely bundled up against the elements. However, I am pleasantly surprised by these thick knit Hue leggings. I loved the look of these immediately, but doubted how they would hold up in truly chilly temperatures. Thankfully, the sweater knit is entirely opaque, very warm, and a great change up from standard cotton leggings and skinny jeans to tuck into your snow boots.

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