The Girly Girl Revival Guide

There are certain outfits from my younger years that  I hope never again see the light of day. I’m thinking specifically of a neon green sweater resembling astro turf.  However, have you noticed recently, pieces dubbed juvenile are making a comeback? This could be the reason why I wish the majority of the the “Crew Cuts” collection was made in adult sizes.

My wheels started turning a few days ago when I saw these glittery toe caps on Louis Vuitton’s pumps (amazing!!) I lusted after glittery Mary Jane’s when my feet barely touched the ground, and weren’t these the original source of all the Suri Cruise controversy?

Colored Corduroy: These I know I wore many days in grade school- I hated the whistling noise! The boy’s first reaction to my dandelion yellow Gap chords? “Those look like little kid pants.” But now you can hardly get down the street without tripping over cobalt and cherry red pants…and I adore them for a jolt of color.

Tulle Skirts: This is the little girl party staple, and I will proudly admit that I wore this one on New Year’s Eve. It is still an ultimate party piece.

Hair Ornaments: What little girl isn’t wearing bows and ribbons in her silky un-highlighted locks? Now, (I’m blaming Gossip Girl) grown girls sport everything from glittered headbands to bouquets in their buns.

I’m not going to complain about any of these resurgences…with the exception of the aforementioned afro turf sweater. I love channeling these little girl styles in a grown up combination. Just don’t pair them all together as you likely did for a third grade birthday party. Are you reviving any of your favorite girly styles?

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