2012 Academy Awards and Post Show Carpet

This year’s Oscars had its fair share of highs, lows, and unfortunately an overwhelming amount of meh moments both inside the no-name theater and on the red carpet. First of all, where were so many of the major stars including, Reese, Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes? From after party photos it seems that plenty of heavy hitters skipped the three hour show in favor of heading straight to either the Vanity Fair or Elton John soiree. Let’s start on the Academy Red Carpet:

Emma Stone looked smashing. Sure, the neckline was near identical to Nicole Kidman’s Balenciaga gown, but the fuller skirt and raised waist were different and youthful. Plus she is far funnier and looked fantastic. Her presentation with Ben Stiller was one of the highlights of the night.

The entire cast of The Help turned out in over the top the glamour and looked fantastic. I respect that Octavia stuck with one smaller designer, Tadashi Sohji, the entire season, and all of the gowns flattered her body and personality. The sparkle on this gown is wow worthy without being over the top, gives her a striking hour glass silhouette, and the cap sleeves are rare for the red carpet. I adore the color of Viola’s dress but wish the plunge was pulled up an inch, and let out a bit. It is way to tight, low, squishy, and I feared exposure every time she waved.

Jessica Chastain was one of my favorites of the night. In this exquisite gown that fit to perfection, her hair and makeup remained youth and plain pretty. The black and gold really worked with her skin tone and vibrant hair, she should keep this look in mind for future reference.

I was thrilled to see the funny ladies out looking gorgeous in full force.

Leslie Mann’s gown was simple, but thanks to impeccable tailoring was an absolute stunner. The sparkle was just enough, the train dramatic but not overwhelming, and the fit hugged in all of the right places. Thankfully the bust was also fitted perfectly, as seems to be a problem this awards show season.

I love the bronze, rust color of Ellie Kemper’s gown, but the bust seemed incredibly ill fitting. When she was speaking to Ryan Seacrest, it appeared he could easily have seen straight down the top. I loved her earrings and simple styling, but not so much the hair.

It seems every commentator (ahem !E) was ready to jump on Kristen Wiig and Maya, and I think unfairly. Yes, Kristen would benefit from wearing any color other than clay, putty, and beige. But the styling was dead on, I loved the ruffled skirt, and the dark hair is really suits her. Maya’s dress looks much better in photos than it did on the night. While not my style, I love the jeweled back and straight shape. Why is everyone doing the wavy hair over one shoulder ‘do? I truly despise it and wish it would stop.

This should be the reigning example for how to channel Old Hollywood correctly. The silhouette is gorgeous, the sparkle modern, and the pin curls give a nod to Marilyn without appearing like a costume. I don’t know why I didn’t see Milla on the red carpet coverage (ahem again !E), but she looked stunning.

Melissa looked so happy on the carpet, but this dress was a huge let down. I realize it is challenging to get designer gowns in larger sizes, but as a nominee I wished someone had pounded every designer’s doors for a gorgeous, flattering, custom creation. I would love to see her in a bright color, thick fabric, lower neckline, straighter fit, and luxe embellishment. Excess fabric is not helping and it may be time to switch up her stylist.

This was one of the more over the top ball gowns of the night. I always love Penelope on the red carpet, and this is gown did not disappoint. I love the color and the impeccably fitted top with off the shoulder detail. Unfortunately, the hair was overly gelled and stiff.

The styling of Glenn Close was absolutely perfect. This color looks gorgeous on her especially with her lighter hair which looks fresh and youthful. The bottom of the dress is overly fussy, but the jacket is perfectly tailored and complements rather than competes with the gown.

Marchesa is made for the red carpet, but I was underwhelmed by the night’s choices. Sandra Bullock’s gown was interesting and beautiful, from this angle. However, in the front I think the waist needed to be tighter or raised to gain a flattering juxtaposition with the very fitted skirt. As possibly one of five people in the fashion world, I was not in love with Stacy Keibler’s gown. Yes her and George looked lovely, but between the rosette, draping, shiny fabric, and one shoulder detailing I think it looked complicated and off balance. Also, I think it would help if her hair was up as right now the whole look is very left heavy.

The dress everyone is talking about was beautiful. I preferred it with the cape because I found the mini shoulder pads a little bizarre and space age. Gwyneth always looks flawless in column dresses thanks to her boot camp workout regime, but this was not the best of the night for me and a little over hyped.

This was! Michelle Williams looked gorgeous and this dress is absolutely spectacular. I love the color, peplum, tiny tiers, and delicate waistline jewel. An absolute show stopper this was far and away my best of the night.

While Cameron’s earlier gown was pretty, this was stop and stare worthy. The color is perfect for her California girl coloring, and I love the loooong silver seam up the back. This dress makes her look strong and feminine rather than bulky.
This is the ultimate glamour party dress. The true red is very flattering, and the plunging neck is flirty, but sweet thanks to the lacy bandeau detail (take note J. Lo.)
Kate Beckinsale rarely gets it wrong, and this daring dress is another winning example. Perfect for the after party, the cut outs and sheer detailing are sexy yet not overly revealing. I love the bold pattern.
Another regular favorite of mine, Kate Hudson commanded attention in red. This neckline is so tricky, but this fit her perfectly unlike Reese’s version at the Golden Globes. The detailing is faint yet gorgeous, and the hair and make up are on point for an after party event.
Overall, bold colors were the big winner of the night. Despite beautiful tailoring and subtle detailing, nudes and washed out hues simply don’t translate on screen. Strapless remains the overwhelming neckline of choice, and there were fewer all out ballgowns than in years past. Also, what in the world was going on with Angelina’s leg? It was so bizarre and I almost think she hit the flask beforehand to garner that sort of attitude. Who were your favorites, and who missed the mark?
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9 thoughts on “2012 Academy Awards and Post Show Carpet

  1. I feel for Melissa McCarthy – she has looked great but safe at the other award shows, but really doesn’t have many options. I thought the color was great. I loved Rose Byrne’s dress and the color of Michelle Williams – but I’m kind of over the cutesy look she continuously wears. I think she could add a little more glam to her look.

  2. My favorite was Gwyneth – at first I didn’t see the big deal, but after a while the cut and form that Tom created started to sink in.


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