Beauty Basics: Beating the Under Eye Battle

My mom, her mom, and maybe her mom, provided me with some lovely beauty genes and traits.  However, one of the biggest curses blessings are prominent dark under eye circles. I recently learned, thanks to a Glamour article, that mine are likely pigmentation rather than veins i.e it’s genetics not aging (phew!) You can figure this out by pulling the under eye skin taut. If it gets darker or changes color it’s likely veins, if it stays the same it’s pigmentation. I could have told myself this seeing as I’ve been covering the up since sixth grade with fairly translucent eye shadow once I saw my mom slathering on the concealer every day.  On a day to day basis I am incredibly low maintenance in the beauty department, but this is one issue that I do not take lightly.

I had a fairly reliable concealer routine until the end of last year when I was fed up. My normal concealer was settling in the creases around my eyes, getting caked with mascara flecks, and my less than sun glistening skin was aggravating the purple hue. I made a trip to Sephora with my sister and mom for a serious intervention. With a few tweaks from their suggestions I have arrived at a routine that I can happily say makes me appear well rested and bright eyed…for now.

This  Benefit product is the new addition to the arsenal. On its own the product is very light colored, and can appear a bit chalky. However, underneath the concealer it provides a great base to hold coverage, and provide a smooth foundation against any creases.

This Cover Girl concealer is a drugstore bargain and provides plenty of coverage for me when layered with the above. I first apply the Cover Girl tinted moisturizer blended with my Clinique moisturizer all over for a very sheer layer of color and “glow.”  I find that having a nice dewy glow makes the purple circles more bearable from the start.

I have incredibly sensitive skin and so far this routine has caused zero irritation. What’s your biggest beauty concern?

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