Chic-spiration: Prabal Gurung

One of the tougher questions for me to answer (next to “where are you from?” but more on that later) is “please define your style.” It’s hard because, as a lover of style and clothes, I hate to narrow myself into a category of fashion perhaps limiting what I explore or am willing to try in the future. Rather than a clothing category, a better description is definitely the idea/attitude/confidence you aim to exude.

In this month’s InStyle, the dynamic designer Prabal Gurung is profiled. When asked about his dream customer he responded:

“A woman who wants to dress with a certain amount of drama, but in a breezy way–like Sarah Jessica Parker. She is happy whether she is in a structured Giambattista Valli suit or a wild Philip Treacy fascinator. She’s comfortable enough with herself to a make a mistake. You’ll never hit a home run if you are unwilling to strike out.”

Can you think of a better answer?! Relaxed glamour, comfortable boundary pushing– I think that is a perfect explanation.

5 thoughts on “Chic-spiration: Prabal Gurung

  1. That is one great quote, without being too narrowed down and also it’s specific which I like too.

    I always get asked the same thing over here, ‘where are you from’? It does get tiring so now I just say I’m from Hawaii, sometime Scotland to see what reaction I get!

    Thanks for my wedding shoe search vibes, back at you girl! I hope I find something for my friend!

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