Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! As much as people like to write off today as a Hallmark creation for the flower, card, and chocolate industry–I just love it. Growing up my mom would make a special Valentine’s Day dinner complete with chocolate heart lollipops and candy next to the plate. Plus I loved picking out the cards to deposit in everyone’s paper bag in the classroom, and then going through my own bag to determine who gave out Ninja Turtle cards and who gave out Looney Tunes.

Now that I am older and won’t get a paper bag of friendly notes (sigh), I still look forward to a fun day filled with hugs, kisses, and a fair amount of chocolate. I try not to overdo it for the sanity of the man in my life, and my boyfriend and I have a strict no presents policy for Valentine’s Day. However, if you are looking for a little something for your special someone, here are some ideas without a single heart or cupid’s arrow in sight.

  • I’ve seen lots of young men in the city sporting pocket squares. It’s a great way to add a traditional, sophisticated accessory to his modern blazer and jeans.
  • This iPhone case plays double duty for your techie, for a very small price.
  • Give you guy recurring options for great style with this stylish delivery.
  • My guy is not into jewelry, but this looks like an easy DIY option for an outdoors enthusiast.
  • For a gag gift, and a giggle for yourself, browse the “love” themed book section on Urban Outfitters. This one and this one will make you laugh, and possibly blush.
Have a great day with whatever your plans include! 
P.S Please don’t give anyone these!
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