Beauty Basics: The Lipstick Diaries

Firstly, this post has nothing to do with four middle aged women searching for mid-life satisfaction in a post Sex and the City like saga. While it’s a great book, sorry to disappoint! Instead, we’re talking signature lipsticks.
I come from a long line of strong women with low maintenance beauty routines, plenty of chutzpah, and a signature lipstick. As long as I can remember, my maternal grandmother has had amazingly dewy skin and switches between a fuchsia, or magenta hued red lipstick- but always Clinique. My paternal grandmother has a signature low bun, and a constant subdued, but clearly hot pink, lip color. My own mom keeps a simple day to day routine of under eye concealer and some variation of a berry colored lip (basically whatever is in the bottom of her purse). In any case, for all these women their lips are the highlighted facial feature (perhaps because we’re big talkers?) and they often reapply in the rearview mirror before getting out of the car.

I had a serious obsession with Lip Smackers when I was in middle school, but once I discovered I could create rockstar eyes with eyeliner and layers upon layers of mascara, my lip colors took a backseat on the vanity. Recently I’ve been trying to switch it up, and try a bold color lip. My Sephora makeup kit has rows of selections (the whole rosy hued middle in the first picture). I like the glossy texture, but they quickly fade when eating or drinking. I love the J.Crew color, but it tends to be a bit drying so I top it with a lip gloss (or Vaseline). Do you have a signature lip color, or do you switch it up? Any favorite brands?

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Beauty Basics: The Lipstick Diaries

  1. I wear poppy king. It’s my fave color and perfect for my olive complexion. It hasn’t gotten too dry for me though. Wonder why. I wouldn’t mind having an entire palette like the one pictured too, to mix it up!

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