How to: Create a Big Bun

I’ll admit, when it comes to hair I am a bit challenged. I can do a basic ponytail and translate it into the ‘messy chignon’ (i.e twisted, tangled knot), blow my hair out with a bit of mousse for the “big hair” I love, and mastered the mini braid that was popular a few years ago (and I still happily wear!). Beyond that I never mastered how to “do” hair, and frankly didn’t have the patience. However, recently when I noticed these huge buns showing up, I was completely intrigued. I tried wrapping and pinning my own hair but never got the major volume of the stars. Then I heard about the sock bun.

Step 1. Spray your hair and brush back into a high ponytail (be sure to brush out all of tangles on your head for a full pony).
Step 2. Take a large sock with the toe cut out, or a leg warmer, and roll it into a sock ring. Starting at the base of your pony roll the sock upwards collecting hair.
Step 3. Take the excess hair and wrap it around the sock.
Step 4. Pin to secure and spray with hairspray.

I am completely amazed at how easy it to create this massive bun, and it stayed in place all day. I suggest using a neutral colored and super long sock (mine was a knee high) for the biggest bun. I’ve heard some people wrap all of the hair around the sock first, or secure with a second elastic. I like the above method because it’s easy and ends up a bit wispy and disheveled, like the examples above. Check out my bun here, then try it out and let me know if you have success!

P.S I’m super excited to be contributing fashion and style articles to the teen lifestyle site, PopCosmo. I just did my first article, so tell your sister’s nieces, and hey your inner tween to check it out!

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