Interior Inspiration: Designing with the Cool Factor

When I came across this space yesterday on Design*Sponge I had a little drool moment. Although design aesthetic evolves with age and life stages, this is the perfect design style for my life right at this very moment, and I would to replicate most every detail in my own apartment (my dog even sleeps in the hallway!) I can picture my own pieces gathered from travels, passed down from family, and aimlessly acquired configured similarly with this as a guide. I love how the owners balance the natural and industrial, the eclectic collectibles with pulled together timeless classics, and the comfortable with the casually refined.  The use of color, functional storage, and actual safe-to-fall-onto seating screams practical, but in an accidental way. Am I the only one who looks at home offices on most design blogs and thinks, “Where is all of your stuff?!” I think the only change I would make would be more color on the walls. But, overall this is the type of place that appears effortlessly cool, and really what else could you want from your home to be feel incredibly cool while you watch your bad TV choices?

8 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration: Designing with the Cool Factor

  1. Love that first image, haven’t checked out Design sponge in ages… only just catching up with Lonny, Adore and Matchbook mag now!

    Loved your outfit with pop of yellow…. that necklace is stunning girl!

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