The Celebrity Sabbatical

Last night was Fashion Star night, and although I’ve been tuning in fairly regularly, last night it was background noise to my phone calls and magazine reading. However, I did notice during the opening credits that they refer to the judges, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, and John Varvatos, as fashion icons…really? I agree with John Varvatos. He is in the midst of a highly successful career nailing his customer niche and a span of price points. While Nicole and Jessica are heading very successful clothing brands, I have trouble considering them iconic (shouldn’t there be a time requirement before the icon title is bestowed?) Frankly, if neither of them previously lived very lucrative ‘celebrity’ careers, they would absolutely not be managing global brands.

One of the phone calls during my lounge time was my mom, and she said she was completely fed up with the explosion of celebrities. It seems like in the last five years Hollywood has exploded in super speed! There are few non-sitcom shows, magazines, or even news segments that aren’t infiltrated with some tidbit of celebrity gossip. Sure, sometimes it’s fun to watch their clothes, weddings,and occasional meltdowns…

But for the first time it got me thinking about how this actually affects me.  As someone slowly, and with hard work, climbing a career path, do these situations of someone rocketing to the top with a wad of cash from a reality show influence me more than I realize? Between the outrageously priced diet ‘advice’, trainer ‘you can do it’ workouts, and ‘I’m so exhausted I need another vacation’ jetsetting, I wonder if our own perception of reality is becoming more warped than we even realize. With all of this in mind I’m throwing around the idea of a Celebrity Sabbatical: a few weeks cut off from any celebrity highlights including reality TV, magazines, and news segments. It would tough with significant adjustments. For instance, I’ve grown up watching the Today Show every morning, but after 8am it is almost purely entertainment with a smattering of weather updates. I also tend to wind down to E! News more often than I would like to admit, and my Twitter feed has more than a few celebrity updates. I’m not cutting out pop culture forever, but a mini mind vacation, refreshing and focusing on my own lovely reality, sounds like a good idea.

4 thoughts on “The Celebrity Sabbatical

  1. I found your site via gala darling and couldn’t agree more. In the UK its getting the exact same. Our main news is mostly dominated by the latest celeb goings on and the majority of our “homegrown” celebs at the moment are famous for doing nothing, other than appearing on reality tv!!
    As a freelancer, every Friday I have “casual” Friday where I work in the lounge with the tv on and I think I’ve watched about 3 hours of e-channel without actually achieving too much. I’m on board with the celeb sabbatical.

  2. I know what you mean, Celebs have literally infiltrated & influenced (to a certain degree) our lives in every possible way – and we can’t get enough of it sadly… The exposure is incredible – with a combo of reality tv/technology/media and powerful social media the next gen with have a hard time grasping what reality really is!
    Sometimes it’s nice to let your brain unwind to a bit of celeb news though.


  3. I never really thought about how much celebrities do infiltrate my life until I read your post. You’re so right! I read multiple celebrity blogs, watch E! way too much and follow so many celebs on Twitter. I definitely could use a break!

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