The Bib Statement Necklace: DIY

Recently I got an incredibly sweet email from Kim at PopCosmo asking about my necklace in this post. When I gave my sly, “I made it!” response, we decided to do a D.I.Y how-to for the site.  I honestly get compliments from random strangers on the street when I wear this piece, and it was such a fluke seeing as it’s a result of staining one of my favorite tops!

All you need is a beyond repair embellished top, basic sewing skills or a hot glue gun, and scissors.
1. First cut around the jeweled neckline leaving ½ inch of excess fabric without jewels on each side.
2. Next trace the shape you just cut out onto an area of empty (non-stained) fabric. Cut out the traced shape. You now have two half moons of fabric, one with detailing and one plain.
3. Place the detailed fabric on top of the plain fabric shape you cut out, with the jeweled portion facing the inside. Carefully sew the two pieces together along the ½ inch of excess fabric, leaving a slight opening at one end, and a larger two inches loose at the other end. 
4. You now have a fabric tube turned inside-out. Carefully push the fabric through the non-sewn end that has 2 inches loose. It is important to leave the loose end wide enough to fit the widest portion of the necklace (2″ should be enough depending on the width of your embellishment). Once flipped, sew the loose portion together, but leave the ends open for the fastening.
5. For the closure of this necklace I chose a bright colored ribbon so it was easily adjustable, but you can also use chain with a closure.
6. Sew the ribbon or chain into both ends, and completely sew the ends shut around it.
That’s it! Send me your questions or pictures of your new bling @lisamgriffin

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