Impractically Pink Summer Sandals

Before the summer officially kicked off I wrote about one of my summer footwear staples, flat sandals. As much as I love my comfy grab- and – go staples, summer is not totally about practicality. I like to think it’s equally as important to share your days with some pink, suede, strappy platform sandals. These newbies are shockingly pink and chunky enough to stand up to short shorts or snazz up a simple dress (P.S. They’re on sale!)


2 thoughts on “Impractically Pink Summer Sandals

  1. Platform sandals are not my thing as I prefer wearing flats. But this one is looking really beautiful. I think it has more to do with the pink color which I like so much. If I am to wear this, I would pair it up with a white color dress with pink floral print. Or a white top with pink floral pink and a white trouser. I saw that piperlime has one in cork/hot pink color. I would like to use that as it is of a neutral shade. Hence it can be worn with any colored dresses. Flats and neutrals are my style statement.

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