Let’s Catch Up

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks. I started a new job, had an unexpected trip due to a family emergency, and a few other adjustments. This weekend I was able to slow down a bit. I slept in (although 6am wake up calls have messed with my definition of “sleeping in”), exercised outside, gave Charlie his summer hair cut (he’s so handsome!), and actually took a few outfit pictures.¬†What have you been up to?
  • I am a recent iPhone convert and have been playing around quite a bit with Instagram, although I absolutely refuse to snap what I’m eating. You can follow my photos here.
  • Also, I love following the positive life tidbits from Gala Darling, and her post on Thursday is empowering, and a tidge challenging if you stop to think about it.
  • Without doing a full MTV Awards rundown, because frankly I couldn’t stand watching the whole thing, Charlize Theron completely rocked out the peplum. Besides that I don’t think I’ve seen many things tackier than Russell Brand repeatedly mocking his marriage.
  • Finally, my staple platform sandals from this post¬†literally split in half mid walk! I have my eyes peeled for some new ones, and would love some suggestions. I like them to be fairly high, comfortable, and not the least bit wobbly. P.S aren’t these cute?
Have a great week!

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