Tips for Organizing A Closet

(careful it will suck you in…)

My sister recently moved into a new apartment and has sent me multiple texts asking how she should organize her closet. Frankly, if you live in New York, you will likely never have sufficient closet space.ever. With that said, I have gotten fairly creative at cramming a decent amount of clothes into a fairly tiny closet with a tidge of organization. Here are my tips:

Color coordinated closets look beautiful, but they have never functioned well for me. Instead I organize by item.

Coats go on the top rack in the far corner (If you have a coat closet, lucky you, and ignore this.)
I also hang skirts and pants on the top rack because they are shorter and won’t hang over the bottom bar. Pleated and easily wrinkled skirts get proper “skirt” hangers, and the others are hung folded, two per hanger (double hanging is crucial for a small closet!)

On the bottom bar I hang dresses followed by shirts. In the corner I hide the two jackets I reach for on chilly spring nights. Finally it’s important to keep the pieces you most often reach for within easy reach. For me this means keeping work appropriate dresses and shirts on the bottom bar.

As far as the always difficult to store shoes- I keep my nicer shoes on a shoe rack in the bottom of my closet, and boots on the shelf in between bars (stuffed full of magazines to keep their shape!) Sandals and flats are kept in a shoe rack on the back of the bedroom door.

I’m always looking to improve this system so do tell, how do your organize clothes in a small space?

2 thoughts on “Tips for Organizing A Closet

  1. Hey hey I sent multiple questions bc I have to get out te door in 15 minutes and im horrible at picking clothes the night before!

  2. You don’t give yourself enough credit…that closet is amazingly organized for the size. We all hope to have a closet like Oprah’s or Carrie’s in Sex in the city II

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