Thoughts for Thursday: #GIRLBOSS

Ok, clearly I’m a little late to the party, but I have been plowing through #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso over the last week. I bought the book on a whim at Barnes & Noble last week (seriously in the store!), and knew all of the hype surrounding it from countless online conversations. I was worried that it would disappoint, because honestly how many this-is-how-I-did-it-with-no-real-details style business books can the world support?

bet on yourself

Luckily, I was entirely wrong. Sophia doesn’t pat herself on the back for the reckless (and often dangerous!) behavior of her younger self, but does extract the lessons from each questionable decision.  Sure, she had an unconventional path, but she made it with some incredible stories. I think there is a little too much “school isn’t for everyone” talk, but that’s easily overwhelmed by honest advice and life lessons.  The chapter that completely resonated with me last night (and had me staying up far too late) was Hocus-pocus: The Power of Magical Thinking. While this literally sounds like a bunch of whish wash, the chapter had me re-reading paragraphs, dog earring pages, and nodding yes while propped up in bed.

It is so easy to get something or someone stuck in your head to the point where it ruins whatever else could be going on in your day. Instead, “Treat Your Thoughts Like Your Dollar Bills: Don’t Waste ‘Em.” Honestly, the boy has been telling me  a version of this for years when I get in a minor mind tizzy over something uncontrollable with his own saying, “Control the Controllable.” When you think about things you give them power. Power in the sense that they are now in your mind, effecting your thought patterns, and ultimately effecting how you feel and what you can accomplish that day. If it is something or someone that you truly dislike, why give them this sort of power? Sophia writes, “You have to kick people (or something) out of your head as forcefully as you’d kick someone out of your house if you didn’t want them to be there.” No matter what is going on in your day to day business, I think this is such a powerful message on how to treat the finite number of hours we have in a day. Focus on the positive, your goals, and what is important to you and these things start to rise to the forefront of your life. It’s magic you create (which just sounds fairly awesome.) There is also a section on sigils, which are completely new to me, but just may transform the way I create my passwords, and hopefully start remembering them!

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