Let’s Try That Again…


No you’re not having déjà vu I did in fact write a post about re-entering the blogosphere not that long ago. In that post I waxed eloquently about odd blogging pressures, and feeling zero desire to write after writing and creating content in the office. That was followed shortly after by a post introducing that fact that I am planning my own wedding (!!!!) Now, fast forward a few weeks and I am in the midst of a screaming battle with my blog host who sent renewal notices to an inactive email account, and (long story short) deleted all of my databases. Yes I cringed and swore. No I didn’t cry. I was a bit in shock (maybe a fresh start is a good thing?)

However, once I sat down to start writing again, I completely blanked. You know how difficult it was to write a paper in school when your teacher said you can write about anything you want? I had the exact same issue with my blog. I decided to go into my old blogger account (talk about a trip down memory lane!) and download a backup of my old content. Maybe it is acting as a security blanket, but suddenly the creative juices are flowing again. Not staring at a totally blank set of posts makes it much easier (and more fun!) to come up with new posts and content.

So while I don’t feel the need to rehash the posts that were deleted, I am back. And happy to be here. See you soon.

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