On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

In the spring and summer months I try my very hardest to limit the amount of black in my weekly wardrobe rotation. I always find it incredibly challenging, but feel so much better throughout the day when wearing a bright color. At the top of the mood lifting color spectrum for me is pink. I absolutely love wearing pink (especially the bright borderline hot variety), but surprisingly have little of it in my wardrobe. (One of my old co-workers used to say I had something pink on everyday, but she often included nails and jewelry.)


In an effort to indulge my favorite color habit I rounded up a few of my favorites. That maxi (now sold out!) would be perfect for date night, or a fun vacation day. I’ve been wearing this lip color nearly every day, and immediately tracked down those insane heels when Eva Chen posted an in-car accessory shot. On a side note, I had included this dress, which was sitting in my basket (and honeymoon list!) for weeks. However, it arrived and disappointingly didn’t work. Between the elastic waist and flap back – something that felt really cool online was just very (very!) off.

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