Two-Times Tuesday


Remember when Dominos ran their two-times Tuesday promotion? It was their blah-day pick-me up idea of two for one pizza (I think…) Well today the Tuesday good vibes carry on with two of my absolute favorite shows starting their new seasons.

The Mindy Project and New Girl both receive so much buzz, and I really think it is all well deserved. The boy and I never miss a week and literally crack up in our living room. When both shows started I definitely preferred New Girl (Mindy came off a tidge whiney to me.) However, last season Mindy took the lead, so this season is up in the air! Plus Mindy has been killing it on her promotional tour for the new season. I rarely catch “Watch What Happens Live,” but happened to see it earlier this week with Mindy Kaling and Meredith Viera. They were both hilarious and I love Mindy’s open obsession with The Real Housewives.

Also, this week happens to be three-times Tuesday because… we’ve been married for exactly one month! We’ve agreed that I’m allowed to celebrate the one month, three month, and sixth month anniversaries during our first year of marriage. (I compromised on letting the nine month milestone slide.)

P.S It always cracks me up that this is by far the most pinned image from my site!

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