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Discovered is a series capturing new to me findings in fashion, food, beauty, and the fun things of life. They may be new, or they may just be new to me (and maybe you.)

Art really is the finishing touch to any room, in particular hanging wall art. While I love adding strange trinkets to our home (like a paper mache deer head) I’m pretty particular about photos, paintings, or prints that adorn our walls. I think this was instilled in me by my parents who have always decorated their home with art that was purchased on a trip, or that captures a special place, etc. It’s a practice that I’ve tried to keep in our home as well. This doesn’t mean they have to be ridiculously expensive or gut wrenchingly emotional. Rather I’ve found that a photo that evokes a great day on the beach, a beautiful walk, or the art fair where you had the most delicious chicken satay simply brings more joy when you catch it out of the corner of your eye than a random flower purchased at the mall.

I recently discovered Gray Malin’s work through Erin’s blog, and I immediately felt this sense of connection. Firstly, the beach is without a doubt my happy place. Add to that the fact that Gray captures specific beaches that I happen to love and have great memories of, and it’s a match made in stunningly colorful heaven.

I particularly love the people dotted images like this one of Manly Beach (very near where we spent four years in Sydney.)

 photo Manly-Beach-Sunbathers-630x420_zps8213498c.jpg

Cinque Terre is jaw droppingly gorgeous, and we had a pretty hilarious vacation here during our time in Europe.

 photo Cinque-Terre-Horizontal-1-630x420_zps0486b4a0.jpg

These lounge chairs in Santorini would take me back to our honeymoon in a heartbeat.

 photo multi-colored-chairs_-santorini_1_zps96f8bce6.jpg


P.S I love when people are flat out over the moon about their success, so I loved this Instagram – Congratulations Gray!

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