Sky High Obsession

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It takes a lot for me to truly obsess over an article of clothing- I like to think it makes me discerning. It has to be fantastically unique, functional, and versatile with visible advantages in style and quality. Enter the Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boot. I am 110% completely obsessed. I have a pair of stacked heel over the knee boots from Weitzman and I grab them pretty much every night as soon as the temperature dips. They were a Christmas gift from my husband three years ago and they are amazing. I can walk around the entire city without so much as a toe twinge and they elevate even the most basic outfit Now take this comfort and eye-catching height, pair it in a more casual flat style, and add another few inches of drama in the calf height – perfection. The 50/50 boots from Stuart Weitzman are classics, but something about the supple suede, tie at the top, and extra height make these extra special. Let alone these boots have been styled all over the internet so I can’t take my eyes off of them (here and here for example), but my goodness that is a hefty price tag. For right now I’ll wipe the drool off my keyboard and just keep on staring (I’m particularly infatuated with the yummy brown suede.)

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