Just say yes…advice from Tina Fey

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So often I hear people say that they have a problem saying no, but I often think it can be just as difficult to say yes. I’ve always thought being unable to say no is part of the “always being busy” phenomenon. If we can’t say no, we can just add it to our to-do list and it will keep us spinning on a wheel heading who knows where and avoiding anything we’ve put on the back burner for unknown reasons.
Learning to say yes comes with a whole other bowl of challenges. My mom always told me I have a rare ability to make anything I’m dreading 100 x worse than it could possibly be. Whether it was a trip to the dentist, a shot, an exam, or an audition I can work myself into a tizzy with my active imagination on hyper speed coming up with horrendous hypothetical results. This takes up an exorbitant amount of energy. Thankfully I’ve had people around me to push me along with “Stop, it’s not that bad.” Of course, they were always right. What about when you’re presented with a challenging opportunity, or an option where you just really don’t know the result? A phone call, invitation or introduction with a zero chance of negative consequences, but also a big pile of unknown. Saying yes to this can be pretty scary if only because of the element of the unknown (hello control freaks, this one is out of your hands.) I love this quote from Tina Fey for this exact reason. Save your energy from coming up with a million reasons to say no, and just say yes. I’ve been actively working to apply this recently, and I have to say it’s working out quite well. I’ve also found you spend significantly less energy figuring out how to make it work than the complicated thought process you were about to go through figuring out why it’s a bad idea. Basically, just say yes, and then you’ll be so enthralled in new opportunities that you won’t even think twice about saying no to the mundane task you weren’t looking forward to anyways. Doesn’t that make everything easier? I think so.

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