Frozen Tundra Layering Essentials

Despite last week’s blizzard flop, New York has still settled into a very cold and windy frozen tundra. This makes getting dressed in a somewhat interesting outfit incredibly difficult, even after mustering up the motivation to leave your house. To stay warm and stylish, without resorting to a giant puffer coat and leggings, layers are absolutely required. There are endless articles on layering, including how the J.Crew models where four shirts and don’t look like a crazy person, but I’ve decided to pare it down to the essential top layers that will beat boredom and chill in the months ahead.

 photo sweaters_zps7f48cb0f.jpg
Chunky knits are ultra warm and cozy, but make layering difficult. While they may be perfect for skiing, I prefer warm thin knits for layering under vests or jackets. In a slim extended cut they can be just as cozy without the added bulk.

I remember the first time I bought a short sleeve turtleneck and my sister could not figure out how that made sense. Now I’m tempted to get this longer sleeveless version. A tunic length is perfect for making leggings respectable outside the gym, and sleeveless is perfect for layering under a blazer or cropped jacket.

I’m not much of a cardigan fan since they make me feel a little matronly. However, a huge wrap sweater I can totally get behind. I like to layer these under a warm coat for ultra chilly days, plus when you wrap the lapels over your chest you can eliminate a scarf.

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