Shopping Notes: A Parka

In my family, I have quickly become the go-to person for, “I really want “blank”…can you find it for me?” As someone who enjoys shopping, I know all to well that you will never find exactly what you want right when you need it. I tend to take to take it as a sort of shopping mission when my family sends me these requests, and thought it would be fun to document the┬áhunt.

This weekend my sister asked for my help in finding a light weight, canvas-looking anorak or parka. She has both a heavy weather resistant coat and a knee length wool coat for very cold temperatures. She is in the market for something lighter and more casual that she can throw on with jeans or a casual dress. Living in Nashville I know that my sister has few very formal occasions, and also (lucky lady!) a very short time span of freezing temperatures. Also of note, my sister hates faux fur trim. With this in mind I think I found a few strong contenders…

 photo Untitled-1_zpse3eabbc3.jpg
This option from Gap features all of the elements of a classic parka. It is the most expensive, but has a detachable hood and liner making it wearable in various seasons.

This parka from Asos is definitely a twist on the standard. I love the color and the shorter length makes it great for a weekend on the go. Oh, but about that faux fur…

This is another standard anorak in classic army green. I am a huge fan of the cocoon silhouette and like the black hardware on this one.

This quilted parka is a fun alternative to the standard canvas material, but maintains the classic utilitarian details. My sister is quite petite so I think the shorter length and drawstring waist would be great for her.


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