One Year Later…Part 2


The team at Bryant Park Hotel gave my family and me the royal treatment prior to the ceremony. Cars stopped, taxis honked, and I couldn’t stop smiling and shaking.

At some point in the wedding planning process, I read in an article to pay attention to the ceremony. Everyone puts plenty of time into planning the perfect reception but giving the same time to the ceremony helps keep things in perspective. Brock and I were married by my mom’s cousin, who also happened to be a junior bridesmaid in my grandparent’s wedding. During an early visit she gave us a fantastic book called “Create Your Own Wedding Ceremony,” which was an absolutely lifesaver. Over many late night calls and google docs, while Brock was across the country, we were able to put together a personal ceremony with hints of tradition that felt uniquely us.


While some of the ceremony is a blur (I don’t remember any of the music, which caused plenty of stress) there are some specific moments that are the perfectly clear. I remember talking to my Dad right before walking down the aisle, I remember putting on Brock’s ring, and I remember stopping at the end of the aisle to hold my husband a little longer for the first time.


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