One Year Later…Part 3


As soon as Brock and I started thinking about our reception, we focused on a few key points: an incredible live band, great food, and a cool open bar. We wanted our wedding to feel like a special intimate party more than a traditional “wedding reception.” The team at Bryant Park Grill was instantly on board with our idea and arranged the room in long banquet tables rather than a traditional round set up. A mix of candles and long floral centerpieces made the room feel warm and cozy. I’ve never felt such an overwhelming sense of love and warmth as I did sitting in the center of our table surrounding by loved ones and hearing speeches from our family and friends.




After everyone had stuffed themselves on delicious food, we had our first dance following by our father/daughter and mother/son dance. The team at the Silver Arrow Band was an absolute dream to work with. Brian and I met at a local coffee shop (after we were able to see their live performance in the East Village!) and had countless emails discussing our must-haves and ideas.

At the end of the night Brock and I were in a state of happy bliss and we walked through Bryant Park back to the hotel giddy from the best party of our life.


Reception Venue: Bryant Park Grill

Band: Silver Arrow Band

8 thoughts on “One Year Later…Part 3

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