The Season of White Jeans

Maybe it’s because we’re now living on the west coast, but this spring/summer is shaping up to be the season of white jeans. As much as I love denim, this is a look I’ve always passed up for several reasons. Firstly, how in the world do you not spill coffee, brush against your dirty car/subway, or generally get the look of life on white pants? Secondly, I’ve always felt they made my legs look wide, and finally the look came off a little too preppy for my taste. However, this year I’ve started to see a version of the trend that has me willing to jump in, as seen below (via WhoWhatWear).


It’s a little bit more relaxed, a little more worn, and lot cooler than the white jean ensembles I’ve seen in the past. A little fleck of dirt won’t be so glaringly obvious against torn up jeans, plus the shape is roomier and more forgiving. Here are a few of my notes for styling white denim this spring and summer:

  • Relaxed skinny: I am not one for painted on denim and definitely not in white. Give yourself a little breathing room and you’ll avoid the show-through and cling factor.
  • Crop or Flare: Or both! I love the new crop flare, but that’s a whole different story. White jeans also feel fresh in a full flare or ankle crop. Straight white denim can feel a bit stuffy.
  • Shredded: A little distressing once again relaxes the prep factor of straight white denim.

A few new pairs of white jeans to test drive the look…

On a side note I gave a pair of cropped white jeans a test run yesterday. The look worked until I leaned against my car…luckily on the way home!

One thought on “The Season of White Jeans

  1. Such a good post! A few years ago I had finally found a great pair of white jeans. Unluckily after a good graduation party in the park my jeans did not appreciate the outdoor furniture, dirty park benches. After a couple good washes they finally released the outdoor stains.

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