Discovered: GAIA

These days, more than ever, the pace of fashion can be almost exhausting. A single style, brand or trend can feel tired after a month thanks to an onslaught of photos in our feed. Because of this it is even more refreshing to discover a brand that feels completely fresh, positive, and slightly undiscovered.

I felt this flash of excitement when I recently discovered GAIA from Molly and Sally. I was immediately attracted to the brand’s story of empowering resettled refugee women in the Dallas area. An added bonus is the entire brand team looks to be made of passionate and smart women. Icing on the cake? The brand’s products feel unique and handmade without looking crafty.


This is the perfect day clutch with just enough color and print.

It took us nearly 4 months to finally find throw pillows for our living room. These are definitely a splurge, but they are beautiful and support a great cause.

The super oversized shape of this bag feels fun and dramatic.

For someone whose tote bag becomes a bottomless pit of receipts and chapstick, pouches can be a game changer. Also, this is the best color combo.

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