Chic-spiration: Juxtapose

We made it to Friday and it feels soo good!
My sister was in town for a few days this week and we were able to meet up after her classes for a quick drink and chat. She was here with her graduate school class, so it was pretty fun to see people several years older than me reliving an experience very similar to college- it made me feel so mature! A nice contrast? The boy’s college roommate is en route to the city right now, which will surely make for a very immature next few days.

I found this picture from Tommy Ton’s Fashion Week photos and it perfectly captures this mature/immature, up/down, classic/ distressed juxtaposition. Plus I love that the coloring of the heels resembles old 90’s high tops! Doesn’t it look like a great way to feel very comfortable and very stylish this weekend? Have a wonderful, restful, and playful weekend!

Chic-spiration: Printed Pants

I think we all agree, that next to the runways, watching street style during fashion week is just as inspiring. When I attended the J.Crew presentation I saw several ladies wearing these taffeta printed pants from the line. My mind has since been preoccupied spotting printed skinny pants on women around the city.

The Sartorialist caught this lovely lady wearing her printed trousers, and I love her more casual approach to the trend.  Her loose fit trousers make the look a little bit slouchier and very relaxed, so I imagine this was near the end of the Fashion Week race.

Any of the below pieces from here or here can help set the base for a similar look, skinny or slouchy. However, if I try it out this weekend it will have to be with a pair of rain galoshes!

Have a fun, relaxing weekend!

Chic-spiration: Cut it out

We haven’t had a Chic-spiration segment for a few weeks, but this week while perusing through InStyle, I found a completely worthwhile candidate.

In certain areas of fashion, and life in general, things sound much better than they are in reality (chocolate coffee beans = delicious and jittery). One such instance is “cutouts” in fashion. The term sounds edgy, sexy, and perfectly cool for summer. But often this style becomes cheapened with over exposure,unflattering placement, and cheaply sewn and cut fabric.

Thankfully, Carey Mulligan rocked a beautifully draped cutout ensemble by Roksanda Ilincic . The draping makes the cutouts more whimsical than in your face, and the color blocking frames the eclectic vibe of the triangular skin panels.


This look reaffirms my belief (and hope!) that this trend is wearable without being trashy. This and this could also be great ways to test the trend.

Do you have a favorite cutout piece or do you prefer to keep things under wraps?
Have a lovely, enjoyable, relaxing and cool weekend!

Chic-spiration: Clearly doing good


A little sunny, feel-good Chic-spiration for what is a freezing cold day in many parts of the world (although I did see the sun today! My skin didn’t know what to do with the Vitamin D!) I have been intrigued by Suno since I read about the brand in a magazine several months ago. Founder, Max Osterweis had collected gorgeous textiles from Kenya for years before starting Suno to bring the natural resources and talent of a country in turmoil to the fashion community. Most of the sample and pattern making is done in New York City, and then produced in Kenya (I love ethical, socially responsible fashion- it IS possible!)
Now Suno has partnered with eyeglass designer Warby Parker, who practices a formula of sell a pair/donate a pair of glasses to someone in need. The collaboration will be on display during Suno’s show on February 12th in New York. You can read more about the collaboration here, and is it just me or does doing good clearly look good? (Sorry I couldn’t help myself!)

SUNO Spring/Summer 2011



Chic-spiration: Leather Details

After Leighton Meester’s dismal dress showing at the Golden Globes, my recent worries were confirmed- that the young woman was falling off the fashion deep end. It happens every now and then when a star gets every designer dud thrown at her, and ends up looking like a trendy train wreck. Frankly, as gorgeous as Leighton is, she was heading in a bad direction. Thankfully, she recently stepped out in this amazing Michael Kors gown, and looks like she is on a strong road to recovery.


The cut outs in this dress are perfectly placed to be flattering and subtle when compared with the high neck. The juxtapositions continue between the neck height, bare skin, leather bodice, soft skirt, and yet the whole thing works perfectly.
As much leather as there was in the fall, I haven’t taken the plunge beyond a bomber jacket and faux leather leggings. This look definitely demonstrates the possibilities for leather when paired with every opposing texture in my wardrobe…and no shopping needed.


all via Beso