The Bib Statement Necklace: DIY

Recently I got an incredibly sweet email from Kim at PopCosmo asking about my necklace in this post. When I gave my sly, “I made it!” response, we decided to do a D.I.Y how-to for the site.  I honestly get compliments from random strangers on the street when I wear this piece, and it was such a fluke seeing as it’s a result of staining one of my favorite tops!

All you need is a beyond repair embellished top, basic sewing skills or a hot glue gun, and scissors.
1. First cut around the jeweled neckline leaving ½ inch of excess fabric without jewels on each side.
2. Next trace the shape you just cut out onto an area of empty (non-stained) fabric. Cut out the traced shape. You now have two half moons of fabric, one with detailing and one plain.
3. Place the detailed fabric on top of the plain fabric shape you cut out, with the jeweled portion facing the inside. Carefully sew the two pieces together along the ½ inch of excess fabric, leaving a slight opening at one end, and a larger two inches loose at the other end. 
4. You now have a fabric tube turned inside-out. Carefully push the fabric through the non-sewn end that has 2 inches loose. It is important to leave the loose end wide enough to fit the widest portion of the necklace (2″ should be enough depending on the width of your embellishment). Once flipped, sew the loose portion together, but leave the ends open for the fastening.
5. For the closure of this necklace I chose a bright colored ribbon so it was easily adjustable, but you can also use chain with a closure.
6. Sew the ribbon or chain into both ends, and completely sew the ends shut around it.
That’s it! Send me your questions or pictures of your new bling @lisamgriffin

Bright Pants and Dressing Up Chambray

shirt by J. Crew, pants by Gap, shoes by Via Spiga, necklace DIY, and Mr. Charles Dickens  

Happy Monday! Or seeing as it’s almost 10am and I’m still feeling groggy…it’s Monday. I hope you had a great weekend with some St. Patrick’s Day fun. It was absolutely gorgeous here and from the weather report it looks like spring is here to stay.

I wore this outfit Thursday for an early start to the weekend. We went to BLT Burger (you must try one of these burgers if you are in NYC, they are fantastic!) and sat at the bar to take in the March Madness action. The server was incredibly sweet and said she loved how I dressed up my shirt with a “girly necklace.” As grateful as I was for her thoughtful compliment, my mouth was completely full of burger goodness so all I could do was nod and somewhat snort while trying not to choke- very stylish.

In House Makeover

When you are young and making a nest of your own, we are all faced with the same dilemma. I never like to spend money on something I don’t truly like (or hopefully love!) including furniture. However, when you are faced with a large empty space, and nothing but a bed, you simply have to make do.

In my last apartment I had an empty space that needed to hold the TV, books, and miscellaneous other necessities. With the cash available I did what any newbie city homemaker would do: head to Ikea. I found a great shelf that was highly functional, could be added to in the future, and fit the bill perfectly. I was aiming to pick up a deep brown color, however the Ikea selection shelf won this battle. It wasn’t until I drove back to the city and hauled the two boxes up four flights of stairs that I realized it was in fact “Natural Pine”, or classic Ikea Khaki.

I made do for several months in my last apartment, however when I reached my current abode it simply wasn’t going to work. Between the bar, dark fireplace, and interesting architecture, Ikea Khaki stuck out like an ugly step child. In my attempt to meander between vacation and full work mode, I turned up my iPod and set about on an in house makeover.

I used this Martha Stewart paint straight from the jar. I first applied in long strokes with a sponge to cover the surface, then went over the whole area repeatedly with a “sponging” technique to get interesting smudges, bumps, and texture.

Once I reloaded the shelves, Ikea Khaki is simply a memory and this piece fits in perfectly with the rest of the room. The entire redo cost about $7.00 and 2 hours-success!

DIY: Denim and Pearls

My mom used to always wonder why there were shredded bits of denim stuck in the carpet of my bedroom. Needless to say I’ve been DIY-ing for a while. You may remember a few months ago that an over zestful conversation (yes my hand actual go caught in my necklace) caused my huge strand of faux pearls to break. I decided to give the necklace a revamp a la Lanvin. This task proved a bit trickier than I had intended. I opted to employ some denim I had leftover from a previous DIY of boyfriend cut off shorts and another broken beaded item. I think the result will be perfect paired with a very simple tank and full skirt…possibly tomorrow.

DIY: Dressing it up

As much as I have moved I love to take time and truly personalize a space, as small or large as the budget may be. Right now I am in a small studio apartment, and my dresser doubles as the TV and media stand. I opted for a neutral five drawer dresser for its practicality, future versatility, and unfinished price tag. While killing time on Friday afternoon I wandered into Anthropologie, how can you not love that place?? Every nook and cranny of the store is filled with gorgeous clothes, trinkets, and it is just how I want my ‘one day’ living room to look. To start the look off, I dug through the bin of knobs and picked out an assortment for my dresser. Soon I hope to finish it with a crackle stain finish. I’m just waiting for the heat to die down so Charlie and I can escape the smell for the following hours.

I love the look of the mixed knobs, but the chunky sculptured rose is definitely my favorite!

Another space trick is using storage as ‘wall art.’ I used a silver bathroom towel holder to display my necklaces. It perfectly fills in the space between my windows, as long as I keep the arrangement neat.