More Love for Piperlime

Piperlime is my not so secret go-to site for internet window shopping. They always have the perfect on-trend-but-not-on-everyone piece for which you’re searching with a great mix of prices. Unfortunately, I think this habit is only going to get worse with the new site revamp.

When working in eCommerce you’re constantly on the lookout for fresh new retail sites. What are they doing to keep their audience lingering, clicking, and hopefully converting? In my opinion, Piperlime just jumped way ahead in the race. Here are four things I’m loving right now on the new site:

Celeb picks: Piperlime has had Olivia P. editing collections for a while, but they have now added a handful of new and incredibly stylish additions to their site. I wasn’t really familiar with some of the personalities (as an !E addict this rarely happens) but I love the mix of personal styles and shopping selections. Also, someone once told me that no shopper actually wants to read. I give this a resounding false and love the Q&A at the top of each capsule edit.

Shop Social (that works!): It seems like eComm sites have been trying to successfully integrate social feeds in a meaningful way for about the last decade. Here it actually works. Also, I actually clicked on the style collage on the homepage twice, and got different results! It seems simple but constant discovery will definitely keep this shopper coming back.

Curated Vintage: This is something totally new for Piperlime and I’m really curious to see how it works. Personally I’m not much of a vintage shopper (I frankly don’t have the patience) but these super luxe pieces look gorgeous.

Piperlime Collection: It feels like they’ve had it all along, but Piperlime finally launched their own collection! Unlike some of their in-house labels (Tinley Road) the Piperlime Collection is a tight edit of seasonal pieces that hits all of the right notes.

 photo piperlimepost_zps32de17d6.jpg

My current favorites from the Piperlime Collection…
The perfect leopard coat: I adore the infamous Malene Birger leopard coat, and this one has a more casual style (and price tag.)
Sweet separates: This skirt and top pairing would be adorable together and apart for fall, and there are several other color options.
The new parisian: The “Oui Oui” tee is everywhere. This one is just as fun and a little more subtle.
Button-up: Lots of prints in a style staple.
Pink Moto: I fell in love with a very similar moto jacket from Anthropologie last year but didn’t go for it. This one just may take its place.

P.S Everything is under $200 – extra bonus!

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

In the spring and summer months I try my very hardest to limit the amount of black in my weekly wardrobe rotation. I always find it incredibly challenging, but feel so much better throughout the day when wearing a bright color. At the top of the mood lifting color spectrum for me is pink. I absolutely love wearing pink (especially the bright borderline hot variety), but surprisingly have little of it in my wardrobe. (One of my old co-workers used to say I had something pink on everyday, but she often included nails and jewelry.)


In an effort to indulge my favorite color habit I rounded up a few of my favorites. That maxi (now sold out!) would be perfect for date night, or a fun vacation day. I’ve been wearing this lip color nearly every day, and immediately tracked down those insane heels when Eva Chen posted an in-car accessory shot. On a side note, I had included this dress, which was sitting in my basket (and honeymoon list!) for weeks. However, it arrived and disappointingly didn’t work. Between the elastic waist and flap back – something that felt really cool online was just very (very!) off.

A Plea for Glossy Print

Yesterday, I arrived to my office with no internet service, and as I wrote this three hours later, on standard college rule loose leaf, we were still waiting for the green light of connectivity. Two of us plus the actual serviceman were squinting bleary eyed at our phones searching for some sort of time killer/ entertainment. However, one lucky lady found a two month old copy of Cosmo in her desk. This got me thinking about the power of glossy, page flicking, magazine spine smelling print. I’ve long been a vocal fan of why magazines must survive, and today my Twitter feed is alive with talk of new technology, social streams, and data feeds. Here are a few ways in which the glass screen clearly can not compete with the printed magazine.

Bookmarking vs Tear out: It seems everyone today is touting the power of Pinterest. The future is curated content for when you want to browse, coupled with the suggestions of your friends. I too have gone on frenzies pinning every outfit, faux fur throw, sock shoe pairing, and two toned sofa I want to replicate. It’s helpful since my bookmarks were about to bulge out of their virtual folder. But, I also have a real paper folder that holds a fully dogearred picture of a kitchen I one day plan to somewhat recreate. It is a mixture of Alice and Olivia and Alice in Wonderland courtesy of a back issue of House Beautiful. I have no idea what issue it is from, but it is a reminder scrap for the day I decide to redo a house, as a grown up.

By the Glow of the Night Light: There are a number of studies and articles (printed and digital alike) aimed at helping our sleep deprived society, which say: a glowing screen signals your mind to wake up; hence, you won’t fall asleep anytime soon. However, nothing gets me excited for bed time like a new monthly issue. I’ll curl up and start reading the editor’s letter like the start of a novel. The editorial spreads have often influenced what I wear in that night’s dreams (no joke!) and subscription cards make the perfect bookmark.

The Secret Source: What was your first real magazine subscirption? Mine was Girls’ Life (sorry Scholastic you don’t count). I even got the subscription carried over when we moved to Australia! Some issues were fun frivolous hair ideas and Lip Smacker samples. But once every year there was the issue that held all of the secrets, that you stored in my bedside table and was knowingly folded and bent. It explained why you wanted to scream at your BFF, how to secretly shave your legs, acne treatments from toothpaste, and how long exactly this new “situation” ws going to last. I’m not up to date on what the new tween/teen magazine is, but for the sake of the Bieber fan base I hope there is one. Sneaking off to the computer late at night is not nearly as comforting as flipping to familiar p. 23.

Inspiration Boards: Thanks to every fashion blog and website, I know you make beautifully inspiring spreads for the digital screen. But what about when you don’t want to copy, right click, crop, resize, and rotate. To me this is never as satisfying, but is more like the conclusion, to going to town on a stack of issues with scissors and a glue stick.

With the rise of cable news and online immediacy, the newspaper has to get creative to stay current, and a magazine will never beat for rapid runway coverage, but do you still believe there is a place for  glossy, thumb flicking, corner turning, magazine print?

Images via Pinterest, we heart it, and google

Rain Practicality

When I woke up yesterday to the sound of pouring rain and gusts of wind I knew it was a day for layering. Sure, layering is in style and is incorporated most days, but this was a day for layering necessities. I had a day of running errands around midtown and the last thing you want is sludgy puddles getting inside your shoes, or dripping window water down your neckline.

This outfit of bright colors and water repelling fabrics is the perfect combination of practicality and fun. Although I do have a heavy duty traditional rain trench, I love getting away with this bright yellow slicker when I can. It seems reminiscent of a full yellow rain suit with matching hat and wellies! Speaking of which, these patent water proof boots were a completely random find at the Zappos outlet in Shelbyville, KY (a goldmine if you are even in the area with loads of extra patience).

Happy Friday Eve, we’re almost there!

Summer Concerts and Copious Amounts of Sunshine

It’s Monday and I’m late posting…I’m blaming it on a weekend full of extra Vitamin D, a Central Park concert, and approximately 30 lbs of laundry that the man around the corner kindly folded and packed for me (sometimes I really love this city.)

This weekend started off strong with a Friday evening pre-dinner power nap. We always try to rest up on the weekend to start the week fresh, but have you ever thought how lovely it would be to have a rested weekend? To not fall asleep on a Friday evening date night as soon as you hit the door from dinner. It sounds counter productive, but I found that if you aren’t over exerted and drained to the core, you actually relax rather than sleepily trying to relax.

Saturday, I went for sunny run on the East River. I realized how dreadfully out of cardio shape I was, but counteract that with the great color I got on my legs and I’ll say I broke even.

So that brings us to my crowning point of the weekend- an outdoor concert of The Script in Central Park. I actually wasn’t a huuge fan of the band, but they blew me away! Also, note to all- you will likely feel the oldest at any outdoor park. I think it has to do with the fact that the youngsters can’t get into a bar venue, but at 24 I was trying really hard not to judge middle school behavior. After viewing all of the boho stylishness at Coachella via thousands of paparazzi shots I decided to give it a whirl. I wore some beat up brown leather heels, that also happen to be unbelievably comfortable, with a simple orange tank dress and well worn low slung leather belt. Loose wavy heart and this phenomenal clutch wrapped up what I know will be a heavily rotated summer ensemble.Good thing since I still need to find the camera!

A note on the dress. It is beyond comfortable and hugs in all the right places while feeling like a nightgown. But, let’s just say Ms. Victoria’s Secret will always emphasize certain assets, even in a “simple tank dress.” I will definitely keep wearing it all summer, but perhaps not on a 45 minute subway ride where I have to use my clutch as a shield from far taller male riders.

So while middle school girls laying out on blankets whispered and poked with fringe and feathers in their hair, I think I nailed my blend of boho and girly. And wow, I have never been so thankful to be out of middle/highschool, were we all that catty?

There are some really exciting developments happening at work that are both tiresome and really thought provoking about the way fashion works. I’ll be sharing more this week! How was your weekend? Truly stellar I hope!